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1st Pricing Releases 5D BIM Pricing Plug-in for
AutoCAD Revit Architecture 2010


November 30, 2009: Signal Hill, Calif. – 1st Pricing, a Southern California-based eCommerce and Technology Company, has announced that they have completed and will release a plug-in that links their revolutionary 5D Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to AutoCAD® Revit® Architecture 2010 – just in time for Autodesk University in Las Vegas this week – it will be made available for download on Thursday. This is the first technology to fully integrate BIM into the design process - one that automatically creates a detailed bill of materials with pricing and an online shopping cart – called “5e” by the Company. 1st Pricing has created a standardized platform that seamlessly links to CAD programs and eCommerce portals with supplier or distributor prices. This allows the purchase of “specified” materials online. Visit www.1stPricing.com to download the free plug-in.

“We are excited to debut the plug-in at Autodesk University this week in Las Vegas. The 1st Pricing plug-in allows architects and designers to access real-world, commercially available products in their designs. The plug-in automatically accesses external databases for product detail - from availability to line item pricing to performance ratings – even “Green” ratings. You can even access design details and elements without opening the CAD program – it is all available online for everyone involved in the building process.” said Douglas Lopez, Founder of 1st Pricing and a licensed general contractor. “No longer do plans need to be interpreted nor does the architect need to be bothered with trivial questions. 1st Pricing can show which brands are available in a given zip code so a manufacturer can be specified on the plans. We can identify “Green” building materials to encourage and simplify sustainable building practices. It is a search engine specifically designed for CAD.” 1st Pricing provides precise detail to all downstream consumers of the information and provides the decision maker detailed information in order for them to make better, more informed decisions.

With the click of a button, the 1st Pricing technology accesses multiple external databases through an internet portal and can pull the brands that are available in the region. Additionally it can provide “Green” information, Energy ratings, RFID or provide comparison pricing of multiple brands to fill out a detailed bill of materials with all related content on demand making for easy fulfillment from a local building material distributor. Changes and updates are made within seconds so that everyone is on the same page. In the CAD industry, the supply chain component is often referred to as the “fifth dimension of CAD” or “5D” or, in the case of 1st Pricing technology, "5e" for eCommerce using the best practices of 5D. When you create a bill of materials using the patented 1st Pricing technology, you also create an online shopping cart available for everyone involved in the project to see." This is an aspect of the BIM world that no one else has delivered...we have been doing it since 2003. We build a better list, give you actual prices and allow you to purchase your specified products online at great prices."

“We provide critical product data in seconds from simple availability to real, line-item prices - data that often takes weeks to generate.” adds Lopez. “We take theory out of the design process and we are empowering the homeowner and their contractor with a number of popular product choices including delivered-to-the-jobsite pricing and no one has to recreate the data.”

Today, the Company is focused on building materials for residential construction but plans to add commercial building products. In the near future, 1st Pricing expects to provide pricing on virtually every building product used in residential construction while bridging the gap for subcontractors by including labor quotes.

About 1st Pricing

1st Pricing, an Autodesk® authorized developer, currently offers free plug-ins for users of AutoCAD® and TurboCAD®. A plug-in for Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD® is currently in beta and is expected to be released in sometime this quarter. More platforms are already in development and will be released later this year. The 1st Pricing technology was initially released in TurboCAD in 2003.

1st Pricing is part of California Distribution Center (CDC), a building material distribution company focusing on fenestration products. CDC Also operates 1st Windows.com - the only site on the Internet that offers instant, real-time, dynamic pricing and purchase of both replacement and new construction windows. The website, which also offers doors, skylights and acrylic glass block windows, has been online since April of 2000.

The site allows anyone, homeowner, do-it-yourselfer, architect or contractor, to get buy-it-now pricing for made-to-order windows. Not only does the site offer pricing for a specific brand, it can offer on-demand pricing for up to six brands, simultaneously, with the click of a mouse. When the order is fulfilled, the manufacturer delivers the product directly to the jobsite.

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